Regulatory & Promotional Support Arrangement:

  • Liaison offices of the regulatory bodies like BIDA, BSCIC, BEPZA, BSTI, Directorate of Export-Import, Environment Directorate etc.
  • Branches of 4/5 Commercial Banks including BKB.
  • Offices of training support organizations like NSDA, BITAC, BSCIC, IUT,  SME Foundation, Directorate of Women affairs etc.
  • Offices of marketing support organizations including EPB, BRDB, Business Promotion Council etc.
  • Taking support from different sister training wings of the Daffodil Family including DIU academic Departments.

Sales and Display Centre (SDC)

A. Modern Industrial Products
Products mentioned in the slide under the title ‘Industrial Sub-Sectors Under IIC’

B. Traditional Products
Home Textile
Tribal Handicrafts
Processed Food (bakery, beverage etc.)