1. To arrange space on a rental basis with infrastructural facilities for establishing industries and businesses unit on a formal premises:
  2. To provide training and other skill development support to DIU students and other interested persons who like to develop themselves as an entrepreneur:
  3. To run Lab-cum-Demonstration Centre at IIC premise for internship, training and production for the DIU students and potential entrepreneurs working at IIC:
  4. To conduct seminar, workshop, conference, carnival & competition; survey, studies & research; sub-contracting linkage with skill development training institutes, receive interns from Universities etc
  5.  To arrange credit facilities with the help of selective public and private sector Banks for the entrepreneurs who will setup industries at IIC.
  6. To maintain facilities for, product exhibition, central server arrangement,  Seminar-cum-Conference Room, cafeteria etc.;
  7. To provide counselling and consultancy services for entrepreneurship development including the preparation  project proposal/profile preparation, meeting the promotional & regulatory requirements etc.;
  8. To provide market promotion support for the entrepreneurs working at IIC by arranging fair & exhibition; providing data, information & counselling; creating linkage with probable buyers at home & abroad etc.;
  9. To make the IIC as a Centre of excellence with the aim to establish it as a model Centre of this kind both for the public and private sectors of the country


Target Group Clients of IIC:

  • DIU students and alumni;
  • External entrepreneurs who like to find space with infrastructural facilities and other support services in formal premises;
  • Different government and non-government organizations including banks who like to render services to businesses and industries.