Activities of IIC: Dreams and Challenges


  1. Objective
  • Conduct research to innovate new thoughts and ideas on the area of business and industries;
  • Explore and develop potential new entrepreneurs to implement the innovated ideas into practice;
  • Arrange incubation support to make a close tie and co-ordination between innovation and practice.
  1. Strategies
  • Introduce post-training counselling, consultancy and technical assistance services on package basis for probable entrepreneurs those who like to start a business or industry;
  • Adopt Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on the basis of financial viability;
  • Keep educated youths as the main target of entrepreneurship development programs;
  • Consider international market as the main focus of IIC and IIC supported entrepreneur’s products.
  1. Vision

Develop IIC as a Centre of South Asian reference for innovative ideas and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in the area of business and industries by 2020.


  1. Existing Resources/Strength
  • A land of about 10 acres at Gozaria;
  • MOU with BSCIC and its training institute SCITI;
  • Limited manpower but dedicated to its vision;
  • Academic support by different Faculties of DIU and
  • operational guideline support by its Management
  • Committee;
  • Strong policy level commitment with high ambition.


  1. Existing/Proposed Activities
  • Conduct training programs (Management and Skill Development) immediately in collaboration with BSCIC and independently in future;
  • Provide pre and post investment counselling, consultancy technical assistance support to the students/trainees/individuals who like to develop their career as an entrepreneur;
  • Develop standard Project Profile, Credit Proposal, Market Feasibility Report etc. for consultancy services;
  • Keep contact with different govt. and non-govt. organizations and trade bodies for assistance and collaboration in different activities;
  • Establish an ICT Park with an Incubation Laboratory at Ashulia/Gozaria;
  • Send proposal to different donor agencies for technical and financial assistance;
  • Sharing the experiences of successful entrepreneurs of home and abroad by arranging Lecture Programs (Public Lecture Series) with the audience of probable new entrepreneurs;
  • Maintain a mini–Documentation Cell by collecting relevant publications with the aim to help the entrepreneurs for preparing their investment plan;
  • Keep contact with other similar regional organizations with the aim to develop exchange programs;
  • Conduct research on entrepreneurship development keeping liaison with other international R&D organizations of similar nature;
  • Publish books, journals and other documents related to investment promotion;
  • Other relevant activities as and when required.


Major Challenges

  • It’s a new Centre with very little experiences;
  • Ideas for implementation are quite non-traditional for a private sector organization under a university;
  • Most of the probable clients would be with very limited financial capability, technical knowledge and global understanding;
  • Lot of competitors in the domestic and global market.
  • Absence of such a culture to buy counselling, consultancy and technical services with high cost;


Conclusion with a Dream

Today a very few people know about IIC. But our dream shows a lot of people in South Asia will refer IIC as a Centre of innovative ideas and excellence. If it happens it will be the success of Daffodil Family.